Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
Ecfa5002-4619-448b-ad86-b6e0a03171db 1,162,049,365 Credits XxPBxX is online. XxPBxX Allied Responders
1,127,003,939 Credits DavidNFD is offline. DavidNFD Worldwide Dispatch Services
1,119,945,333 Credits FireBot is offline. FireBot Oregon Dispatch
87fe47613b9f678e5d99544f219c6ea9-128 1,113,182,183 Credits wolfman450 is offline. wolfman450 MIDWEST FIRE AND POLICE
20150124_163618_004_(20) 1,066,494,357 Credits pk_mason is offline. pk_mason Worldwide Dispatch Services
1,049,001,678 Credits COVID19 is offline. COVID19 Worldwide Dispatch Services
Img_20210617_220906_406 1,032,254,009 Credits KC5SDY is online. KC5SDY Allied Responders
1,006,029,825 Credits YoloMcSwaggins is offline. YoloMcSwaggins Allied Responders
1,005,549,085 Credits SirRavenDude is offline. SirRavenDude The Mended Drum
983,356,063 Credits Katnip21 is online. Katnip21 U.S. Emergency Services
979,726,122 Credits Doki_NEF is offline. Doki_NEF Allied Responders
965,206,839 Credits Karlarcher1 is online. Karlarcher1 MissionChief Unofficial (US)
Kkkk 957,241,093 Credits ChiefBreezy is offline. ChiefBreezy Worldwide Dispatch Services
920,938,119 Credits Jersey is offline. Jersey U.S. Emergency Services
912,050,902 Credits Moneyman23 is offline. Moneyman23 Unified Responders
_20190430_085739 907,184,687 Credits tuesdaytaco is offline. tuesdaytaco Worldwide Dispatch Services
903,478,615 Credits PaintedWolf is offline. PaintedWolf MissionChief Unofficial (US)
Maltese_cross 887,002,173 Credits Chief-Car-2 is online. Chief-Car-2 Worldwide Dispatch Services
Img_20220909_143529 878,360,971 Credits KevinYoder is offline. KevinYoder North American Fire and Rescue
873,879,878 Credits JBKuhns42 is offline. JBKuhns42 Preston County ES