Clash and assault of risky fans

Reward and Precondition Value
Average credits 23000
Requirement of Police Stations 18
Required Ambulance Stations 8
Min. Police Helicopter Stations 1
Required Riot Police Extensions 4
Required Personnel Available
120x Riot Police Officer
Required detention unit extensions
Mission Type Police Missions
Riot Police Missions (Specialization)
Vehicle and Personnel Requirements Value
Required Police Cars 20
Required Police Helicopters 1
Required K-9 Units 4
Required Riot Police Units 4
Required Riot Police Trailers 1
Required Police Prisoner Vans 6
Required Police MCV 1
Other information Value
Required Personnel 60x Riot Police Officer
Maximum Number of Prisoners 40
Max. Patients 25
Patient Specializations General Internal
Probability that a patient has to be transported 50