Conflagration (Large)

Reward and Precondition Value
Average credits 13000
Required Fire Stations 13
Requirement of Police Stations 10
Required Ambulance Stations 10
Mission Type Fire Fighting Missions
Vehicle and Personnel Requirements Value
Water required 17500
Required Firetrucks 10
Required Platform Trucks 4
Required Heavy Rescue Vehicles 3
Required Water Tankers 4
Required Battalion Chief Vehicles 4
Required Mobile Air Vehicles 1
Required Mobile Command Vehicles 1
Required Police Cars 10
Required Police Supervisors / Sheriffs 2
Other information Value
Minimum Number of Patients 8
Max. Patients 20
Patient Specializations General Internal
Probability that a patient has to be transported 75
Helicopter request chance 20
First responders can take full care of patients 25
Expandable Missions Conflagration (Major)
Mission Variations Conflagration (Large)